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Wide open braces mouth

Thursday, October 1st, 2009

braces mouth wideopenThis bracefetish girl is hot, she opens her mouth wide. Thanks a lot, I love to see her whole metalbraces. What kind of brackets did sche wear? Locks differnt. I could look at bracepictures the whole day. Do you like the rest of her bracesfetish pics? I like that one, where you can see her tooth space. She really need her fetish braces :)

I want my sperm on her braces

Tuesday, September 22nd, 2009

sperm on her braceIsn´t that hot!? I cant get enough of her metalbraces! It´s my favorite picture so far. I want my cock in her metal mouth, feel her metal braces to my glans. Oh man, what a feeling to get a blowjob with this hot metalmouth! I want to cum all over her braces, I want my sperm on her brace! All her brackest, her under and upper brace are full of my cum. My sperm is between the wire and the brackets and she starts to clean her fetish braces with her tongue. Yes, Babe, lick my sperm off of your fetish braces

Perfect metalbrace smile

Friday, September 18th, 2009

metalbraceSuch a beautiful Woman! She has such a perfect metalmout smile, I like it very much! If a girl like she gives me a metalbrace smile, my knees  start to shake and i´m getting nervous. What about you, how would you feel if she starts to flirt with you? What would you say and do? She told me that she soon has to wear a retainer. I think she looks great with retainer, too.  But of course her metalbrace is my favorite :) Unfortunatly she don´t have to wear headgear, I like it a lot! Do you know headgears? You like it? What do you think about invisiblebraces? I don´t like them very much. Myself I wear braces when I was 20 years old, old fashing metalbraces. I love to wear them, feels great and I love if people looked at my shining Brackets :) I love to go to my orthodontic, If he adjust the wire. It hurts a little bit but I liked it. Do you ever wear fixedbraces on your own?

Brace fetish girl take a look at her new dental braces

Sunday, September 13th, 2009

beautiful bracesShe takes a look at her new braces.They are so beautiful and it feels great to be a metal mouth! She loves the moment she takes a seat on the orthodontist chair and the procedure of getting her braces starts. In fact she is getting more and more aroused. And now take a look at this! Her Braces are so beautiul and sexy. She loves to take a look at her teeth. I like this brace fetish girl a lot, she ist so sexy. Her brown eyes and of course especially her BRACES ARE SO SEXY! I want to kiss this woman and feel the wire and brackets of her brace to my tongue.