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Getting braces hurts

September 13th, 2009

getting braces hurtsIt hurts so badly when she gets her new braces. But after a few days all the pain is gone and she can enjoy her new braces. I think it is really arouses her to feel the new braces. She don´t really need to wear braces but she has a braces fetish and so she decide to go to her orthodontist. And now, a few weeks later she has her new fetish braces. The first thing the goes is to take a look in the mirrow. She is nude, just her perfect body and her new braces. “Do braces looks good on me?” she thought. Oh yes, I think she is very beautiful now. What do you think? Do you like her pics?

Her New Braces, Nice Brace Fetish Pics

September 13th, 2009

new bracesShe got new braces today, arn´t they beautiful!? I love Woman with braces, they are so cute! If a sexy woman wears braces, it turns my on like nothing else! I´m allways looking for some Pictures of girls with braces. Here I found some Brace Fetish Pics. I think I have a BRACE FETISH :)   What about you? Do you like it, if girls wearing braces? If they have a mouth full of wire and brackets? I would be glad if you leave me a comment and tell my about your brace fetish and what you like about metal mouths chicks…